Laparoscopic ureteral ligation (clipping): a novel, simple procedure for pediatric urinary incontinence due to ectopic ureters associated with non-functioning upper pole renal moieties.

Publicado en J Pediatr Uro el 10/Dic/2014

  • Autores:
  • Romao RL
  • Figueroa V
  • Salle JL
  • Koyle MA
  • Bägli DJ
  • Lorenzo AJ



A simplified approach for the surgical management of symptomatic ectopic ureters, associated with a non-functioning upper moiety, with laparoscopic ureteric clipping is presented in this research paper.


Prospectively collected data on nine consecutive girls with ectopic ureters associated with urinary incontinence who underwent laparoscopic clipping between February 2011 and December 2013. Surgical technique consisted of cystoscopy and insertion of ureteral catheter in the lower pole ureter to aid in identification and clipping of the ectopic ureter, which was achieved by standard trans-peritoneal laparoscopy.


Median age was eight years (range 4-17 years). Diagnosis was based on clinical findings, which were supported by: ultrasound (US), nuclear scans and magnetic resonance urography in Cases 9, 8 and 5, respectively. Bilateral complete duplication was present in two patients; the combination of cystoscopy and laparoscopy allowed adequate identification of the ectopic ureter causing incontinence in both. All nine patients were immediately dry after surgery and remain asymptomatic after a maximum follow up of 27 months. Eight out of nine patients had developed some degree of asymptomatic upper pole hydronephrosis on follow-up US.


Laparoscopic clipping holds promise as a simple alternative to other more-complex surgical procedures in the treatment of incontinence due to an ectopic ureter. Despite favorable and encouraging initial results, further follow up is warranted in order to determine the fate of expected associated upper-pole hydronephrosis.  

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